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  where you will come to see my babies ---


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 ~~~ PLEASE NOTE ~~~ I Will not lie to you to sell you a puppy---I am more interested in my puppy finding the right home where it will do well than your money!------IF YOU THINK I AM BEING PICKY, IT IS WITH YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND & I DON'T WANT TO SEE MY PUPPY INJURED OR DIE ! 

PHOTOS -  if you don't see photo posted , I have not taken one

PUPPIES ARE PRICED  by sex, color, size , age, and quality ---there may  be different prices and size even in same litter 

MY PUPPIES COME WITH - SHOT RECORD, food sample, bowl, supplies, housebreaking guide , and a WRITTEN MONEY BACK HEALTH GUARANTEE  


            T cup is a description for very tiny size & not a  breed

Toy size is usually over 5 lbs when grown & size for families ---this is normal size of each breed of dog

T Cup is under 5 lb when grown --- this is the super tiny size of each breed of dog

--they require a special home

puppies below - scroll down

CHIHUAHUAS---  long and short hair assorted colors  

                                           SAMPLE PHOTO of one of my puppies                                                

   DUE TO MY 18 MONTHS OF ILLNESS & RECOVERING FROM RECENT SURGERY when I was unable to see customers  I HAVE A LARGER THAN NORMAL NUMBER OF CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES ---   there are chihuahuas from just weening to  1yr old and sure to have one that fits your desired description  -- AS I RECOVER, I AM SLOWLY LISTING THE PUPPIES -- if you will CALL me to discuss your desired puppy, I will be glad to see if I can match you with what you are looking for  --- -to better help with your selection -- I need to know  the sex, size , color, age, long or short hair , & if you have a set price range you must stay in ---if you are just browsing, keep check here and as am able will list each puppy individually 

Miniature Pinschers --Min Pin - 

 Min pins come in several colors -- BLACK & RUST  is the most common color  ---- there is also SOLID BLACK, Stag RED , Izzabella Fawn which will turn light red, VERY RARE BLUE -- this can be SOLID BLUE or BLUE & RUST , CHOCOLATE with RUST  or SOLID CHOCOLATE  


 - PHOTO is a  CHOCOLATE & RUST puppy from previous litter so you see what the chocolate color looks like


no photo 

MALE --SOLID  CHOCOLATE ALL OVER from nose to tail /  no  rust contrast -- born 8-16-17  -- weight 10 LB,    slender / medium build, shots complete, ears up, GREEN/ BROWN EYES --- due to age should be finished growing as to size of body -- playful,  sweet, loving little boy that is ready to play with your children--would make excellent choice for home with younger children due to his age ----this little boy was born with a natural BOB tail and has a completely slick little hiney / no tail just a little nub 

SALE PRICE-- $ 214. including tax ----priced as pet without registration papers ---you will get shot record, housebreaking guide, food / bowl / toy and guarantee  




FEMALE -- born 12-1-16 ----BLUE & RUST -( this is a grey like your sweat pants grey) -2/4/18 -- she is VERY VERY ACTIVE and ready to give you a work out with her antics and hyper self /////// 2/4/18 her weight is  just barely 4 lb ---stands 8 & 1/2 inches tall back to ground and 10 inches long butt to chest -- add small tennis ball to this measurement for head and you will be able to see her body proportions--- her little leg bones on back legs are the same diameter of my ink pen and very thin and tiny -----her ears are up, tail is docked , nice coat for a blue color  and she has dark color eyes -----------IF YOU WANT SOMETHING EVERY ONE ELSE DOES NOT HAVE - THEN THIS IS THE LITTLE GIRL FOR YOU ====$750 FIRM 


NEW BABIES WEENING---will be ready in July --- have chocolate & rust, black & rust, blue & rust ----- watch here for updates and prices per puppy 

Toy Poodle----- small males now 


This photo is previous sold puppy --- for advertising only --  picture of light red 


MALE -- BROWN like color of dirt in yard  / looks almost like dark grey in certain light --- not chocolate / has a black nose  -born 12/25/17---- very small body , short legs,- would expect to mature on small side -weight 6/10 is 5 & 1/2 lb -=dews removed &  tails docked, first shots --  $749 including  tax 


MALE -- APRICOT with black shadowing on ear tips --born 12/25/17- very small body with short face , short legs,  weight 6/10 is  5 & 1/2 lb  -  -- this is NOT the larger size poodle puppy -- dews removed & tail docked, first shots, -  ---- $749 including tax


MALE --BLACK  BLACK BLACK to the skin - born 12/25/17- this is the runt of litter - weight 6/10 is 5 & 1/2 lb but still can tell is smaller than the two brothers above  -- very short legs / small body -- @ 7 month old this is small little boy ------  $749 including tax 

Maltese-  tiny frail boned litter 


   PHOTOS ALL  of previous litter and will look similar with in same bloodlines 






FEMALE --- tiny, fine bones and delicate build -- black points and nice white hair-- would expect to mature 5 to 7 lb grown --- -  $1000 plus tax // take  $100 off if you don't care about registration papers 

MALE --- very tiny little body with small build and delicate bones -- would expect to mature 5 to 7 lb grown -- white hair with black points -- ---$900 plus tax /// -take $100 off if you don't care about registration papers 

Yorkies-- none


ADULT DOGS FOR REHOMING --not fixed and you will have to housebreak any of these to your home 

                                  PETS      ( placed as pets only, with current booster shots_)   


CHIHUAHUA MALE -- born 2007 --- CHOCOLATE male has been good sire, just down sizing -- $20


TOY POODLE  --- older  female pet only -- BLACK --- born 2005 ----- just needs a home with older adult that wants a companion --she is sweet and playful, but never been with children and at her age, they might be too much for her nerves ---- fresh hair cut and booster shot -- still active and would not know age if I didn't tell you, runs and plays like younger dog -- can't tell you how long she will live, but I have dogs live to be 16 quite often --- always been raised inside  --- due to my age &  my health, I am downsizing and need to rehome some of these older dog pets --- they have not bred in years, just pets ---- $20 to show you are serious and considered this before taking her




                                       ADULT DOGS ---BREEDER  --- will come with registration papers  

POODLE --- AKC  MALE -  RED  --- dob 05-14-15 --son to mother below ----bought recently with group of poodles  -- was told had sired several litters, but have not paired him here --very sweet and loving dog -short legs, med size, about 8 to 10 lb - ---shots current --- $535. including tax.

POODLE  --- AKC  FEMALE --  RED    ---- dob 12-14-11 --- mother to the male above --proven breeder -- about 10 to 12 lb larger size toy with thicker build bones --shots current ---$535 . including tax 

BUY PAIR FOR ----$963. including tax 




My t cup house babies for those that ask how small t cups are

in 2018 will turn 12 year old Chihuahua pet Ginger  ----these are not puppies for sale !!! these are my pets and you will read about them below --


 photos taken 12-4-13----paper towel and shoe shows how small these are ---

* little t cup  Ginger  is my tiny 3 lb  fawn & white chihuahua --

* little  t cup poodle Bitsie is one of the tinest poodles you will ever find at 2 lb and only 7 inches tall 

* 14 & 1/2 year old Wishbone - black with white chihuahua died suddenly and unexpected from heart failure 12-6-13 just 2 days after taking this photo---had overcome a lot of illness in last 2 years but fought to stay with us and  was active until the end   -- will never forget her as you that have lost pets know and understand only too well


ALSO HAVE MINI HORSES  & DUCKS FOR MY PETS --THIS IS ONE OF OUR NEWBORNS 2014 SUMMER ---SEE HOW SHORT THEY ARE NEXT TO MY HUSBAND  ----- he is actually holding one day old baby in photo----

SUMMER 2014---white mama had gold & white spotted little FEMALE from our tiny red male -- it is 1/2 day old in his photo  



 SUMMER 2014--Sweet little IZZIE and her 1/2 day old baby boy ---chocolate & white spotted mom with gold & white spotted baby -

--strange for two different color moms bred to same red tiny male and have babies that look like twins except for reverse color manes ---both white with gold spots and in same pattern on body  


4-7-16  NEW born --from our little white female SWEETIE ----- a little BOY --- that is red color and so frisky he is running with the herd like he was an older pony at only 2 days old----trying to eat out of feed bucket way too early --- doesn't stay with his mama, runs with older ponies and acts like born grown --- funny little boy



12-20-15-- MY  KOI FISH -- I put them in my 30 ft swimming pool ---photo shows when taking them home

------some of mine are long as 18 inches and big as 2 litter coke bottle in diameter and very beautiful ---- they come to be fed as soon as you approach the water ----I am truly enjoying them -- they are so relaxing to sit and watch --

-YES I do have a real pond in the yard that is large as you can see behind the horses , but these needed a cleaner environment and I would die if they were in the pond where  critters could get them, SO that being said the unused pool was a nice  large place for them

 * BABY DUCKS --- hatched in OCT 2016-----real farm animals here !!