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BREEDER NOTES --- YES I AM STILL SELLING PUPPIES -----BUT many of you have called and know I had a heart attack 3/22/17 --- I  will still be seeing customers for puppies, but fewer hours per week --- due to  blood thinner and health, I am making changes in my daily work ---  My adult dogs are pets and when retired have always lived here their whole life with many reaching 16 yr old ---  I have decided to rehome some of my older adult pets for low price or some free ----they are in the list under each breed with the puppies --- If you have a place in your home for a dog 10 plus years old, please let me know and we will try to match you with one ---- FOR PUPPY LIST CONTINUE TO SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE

CHIHUAHUA -  MALTESE  -  POODLE  YORKIE -  MIN PINSCHER   662-560-5152         AVAILABLE  PUPPIES LISTED BELOW            662-560-5152      


~~~ PLEASE NOTE ~~~ I Will not lie to you to sell you a puppy---I am more interested in my puppy finding the right home where it will do well than your money!------IF YOU THINK I AM BEING PICKY, IT IS WITH YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND & I DON'T WANT TO SEE MY PUPPY INJURED OR DIE ! 

I DON'T SEND INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS - if you don't see photo posted , I have not taken one

PUPPIES ARE PRICED  by sex, color, size , age, and any imperfections --- there will be different prices between puppies even in the same breed due to this -- I discount for flaws such as outie bellie buttons, over  / under bites , or defects and will note with  the description of the puppy below and put on your health record-----PUPPY PRICES ARE ADJUSTED AS THE PUPPY AGES -----IF IT STAYS TINY THE PRICE WILL BE RAISED THE OLDER THE PUPPY GETS AND IT IS OBVIOUS THE SIZE IS NOW SMALL AS ORIGINALLY PREDICTED as you can now see what size it is and there is no guessing  

Registration papers require puppies have to be from 2 parents of the same kennel registration and since there are dozens of different kennel clubs, akc, ckc, ukc, apri, etc ---- I  dual  registered all my adult dogs with CKC and sell puppies with that kennel club registration ---  CKC.  

MY PUPPIES COME WITH --- CKC registration, DETAILED SHOT RECORD, food sample they need to continue eating, food bowl, baby blanket, toy / cloths, housebreaking guide I will go over with you to make the process easier for you , and a WRITTEN MONEY BACK HEALTH GUARANTEE for you to have the puppy vet checked

  **************SOLD PUPPIES ARE DELETED DAILY ****************

            T cup is a description for very tiny size & not a  breed

Toy size is usually over 5 lbs when grown & size for families ---this is normal size of each breed of dog

T Cup is under 5 lb when grown --- this is the super tiny size of each breed of dog --they require a special home -

read complete details in heading above -- what are Tcups


puppies below - scroll down



                                                                              MALE ----TOY

MALE --- 6/6/17 is newly weening litter ---- LONG HAIR and Short hair is these puppies --- will post specifics in next few days ----- 


MALE -- born 1-2017 ---- CREAM -- short hair  -- very nice little male with apple head, ears straight up, short legs and very pretty build --- expect to mature between 5 to 7 lb avg size toy when grown --  ---all shots are completed except for rabies -- ----last in litter SALE ----$350.


MALE - born 10-30-16 ---- CREAM color -- short hair, round head, EARS UP, nice family size toy male --- expect to mature 5 to 8 lb when grown - all shots are completed except for rabies -- $150. OLDER PUPPY SALE ---HAS ALL SHOTS AND GREAT BARGAIN  


MALE - born 10-30-16 --- BLACK & TAN with WHITE MARKINGS -- short hair, round head, EARS UP, nice family size toy male --- expect to mature 5 to 8 lb when grown --all shots are completed except for rabies ------$150  OLDER PUPPY SALE --- HAS ALL SHOTS AND GREAT BARGAIN FOR FAMILY PET OR STUD


MALE - born 11-2-16 ---- BLACK & TAN -- short hair, round head, very fat little boy - would expect to mature 5 to 8 lb when grown ----all shots are completed except for rabies ---$250    OLDER PUPPY SALE ---- LAST IN HIS LITTER AND STILL SMALLER SIZE TOY


MALE -- born  8 -6-16 ---FAWN ---nice little male is short hair, slick coat, ears UP, round head, very small for his age ---- all shots are completed except for rabies ------THIS IS A REDUCED PRICE ALREADY /// HE IS SMALL SIZE TOY / LARGER SIZE T CUP AND VERY NICE LITTLE VOCAL BOY --- HE IS COMICAL WITH HIS TALKING AND GROWLING   --$350 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 

MALE ---born 5-26-16 - WHITE with FAWN SPOTS -toy size ---short hair ---this is a short leg puppy -good family size now as is large enough to play with children --- SIZE ABOUT 5 TO 7 LB GROWN --all shots are completed except for rabies and great money savings for you at the vet compared to getting a younger puppy that you have to pay for the 4 shots -----OLDER PUPPY SALE  -$150.


MALE --born 2-6-16--- BLACK with white blaze on face --toy size -- smooth coat, short hair,  apple head, ears are up, short legs ---- toy size 5 to 7 lb when grown --shots are complete -- --$250.




                                                               FEMALES --- TOY SIZE               

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FEMALE -- born 11-19-16 ------LONG HAIR --- LONG HAIR ---- BLACK & TAN --- round head, toy size, expect to mature 5 to 8 lb when grown ---- very active little girl ----SHOTS ARE COMPLETED ---$500 


FEMALE -- born 11-17-16 --- WHITE with FAWN spots ---- shorthair -- smaller / thinner size toy, -- ears UP, round head, short legs, too small for younger children home -------$350.


FEMALE - born 11-4-16--- WHITE WITH BROWN HEAD & spot ---- short hair , short legs, ears UP, expect to mature toy size 5 to 7 lb grown -----$350 


FEMALE --- born 5-5-16---- FAWN -- larger t cup / small toy  ----very skinny little puppy  with slender body , ears NOT up yet, ---weight  4 lb on , with short legs and small looking Chihuahua - shots are completed ----- $350.



                 T CUP SIZE --- read heading top  of page to see if you have right home for a t cup before calling---NEEDS HOME WITH NO CHILDREN OR OTHER DOGS ---------all are expected to mature under 5 lb when grown  

***** note that these are always older puppies before being allowed to rehome due to size a frailness *******


                                                                 MALE -- t cups                                                                   


MALE ---T CUP -- born 11-15-16 ---TINY TINY little chocolate male --- bottle raised -- weight 5/17 is 3 & 1/2 lb at 7 mo old  ---TOO SMALL for CHILDREN----$500.



                                                                FEMALE ------ T CUP 

call to discuss some very tiny ones coming up or older smaller toys  


                                                                ADULT MALE / FEMALES

MALE --- chocolate & tan -- gingerbread man is a little round butter ball ---about 10 yr old , ckc registration - -- been a good stud ---would probably be good mate for your female or for someone a pet --- $50 with papers




Miniature Pinschers --Min Pin -

FEMALE -- born 7-7-16--LITTLE MISS BUTTER BALL --BLACK & RUST --- TINY T CUP -- I held her back and played with her for myself --short length wise / short to ground / very very round little dog --TOO SMALL FOR HOME WITH CHILDREN OR OTHER DOGS ---VERY FRAIL AND DAINTY ---body like tcup Chihuahua ------all shots completed ----should be done growing at this age ----$600 FIRM


MALE --- born 10-31-16----CHOCOLATE & RUST -- ---expect to be avg size about 10 lb or less when grown --- nice babies , ears should stand alone as most of my min pins do , slender build, -- active and ready to play --shots are completed except for rabies and this save you considerably over buying younger puppy and you having to pay your vet for 4 shots ------- OLDER PUPPY PRICE ---- SALE      $ 350. -----SALE     $350.


FEMALE ---born 10-31-16---- CHOCOLATE & RUST    -expect to be average size about 10 lb or less when grown --- nice little girl has slender build , would expect ears to stand alone as most of my min pin do, , --- very sweet and playful  ---- shots are completed except for rabies and this saves you considerably over buying younger puppy and you having to pay your vet for 4 shots  ---- -$450.


FEMALE ---- born 12-19-16 ------BLACK & RUST --little runt of litter - JUST NOW READY  due to being so small ---her sisters were considerably larger than her and have all sold ----TOO SMALL for home with children or other dogs --dainty and frail little leg bones ---- shots are completed except for rabies so you save a lot on shots  ---- $500.


MALE --- born 12-19-16---- CHOCOLATE & RUST --- still med size puppy  ready for family to play with  -shots are completed except for rabies so you save a lot on shots  -- expect to mature about 10 lb when grown ---$450 


FEMALE -- born 12-1-16 ----BLUE & RUST -- VERY VERY VERY TINY little girl is just now over 2 lb --- ---home without any kids or other dogs ----CALL if you think you have the right home for this very very rare little girl --shots are completed except for rabies that saves you a lot on vet expenses  ---- $750 



MALE ---- rare BLUE & RUST -- Stewey is sweet and loving, but very active ---came with litter when I purchased him n 2015, but  selling some min pins due to my health --- about 10 to 15 lb size, comes with ckc reg and would make good stud or pet for your family -- loves attention ----- $100


Toy Poodle-

 OLD ADULT POODLES REHOMING DUE TO MY RECENT HEART ILLNESS--  I have had many live to be 13 to 16 yr old and would expect these to need a secure home for some years to come  


 FEMALE ---older 10 yr --very sweet / attention loving little snow white frail size tiny toy -short baby face and small body -- too small for home with children or other dogs --   --little female has been pet always and never had puppies  as she is too small to breed  ---due to age,  she has no teeth but eats fine -- her mother injured her leg at birth and the vet was unable to fix it as she was 1 wk old with bones like tooth picks, due to her tiny size back then ---- she has a limp, but gets around fine -- she craves attention and will cry to be in your lap --- very very affectionate with me and would expect to be same with new mom with patience--just got summer hair cut --- will not send papers as do not want someone to try to breed her--- $75. 




             NOTE --- MALTESE ARE SLOW TO GET TEETH AND usually will be 10 to 12 wk old to leave me  

ADVERTISING PHOTOs BELOW  OF past litters   PUPPIES -------this shows you what to expect with my maltese as similar blood lines usually produce same quality and looking puppies   

1 is small baby in red car that  would expect to mature  5 lb or less , thin bones, small face

1 is average size maltese in baby doll high chair around 6 months old --- he would mature around 5 to 7 lb and was actually around 6 lb when this photo was taken --- see the nice straight white hair  



                                             available puppies listed below these sample photos  





litter with 1 FEMALE & 4 MALES being weened week of 6/6/17 and weight of 1 lb to 1 & 1/2 lb at 8 wk old ----these are very very tiny bones and frail build ---don't expect to be ready to go until end of June to around 4th of July due to size ----keep check here for updates or CALL ME to have your name put in the folder for a call closer to time to go --- 

MALE ---newborns will be ready later after July 4 -------will update closer to time with specifics and price  


FEMALE ---newborns will be ready later after July 4 -------will update closer to time with specifics and price



FEMALE --- about 12 yr old --- retired years ago, been pet  for several years --- she is small  size, still active and very sweet --- looking for someone to give home for rest of her life -- never been around kids and they might scare her ---looking for home with adults where she will the  ONLY dog and not have to share her affection with other dogs -- recent shot and summer hair cut -----$20.00  







ADULT Female -- born in 2005 ---- very small little yorkie about size of toy Chihuahua --- too small for home with younger kids or larger dogs ----- no teeth so her little tongue tends to show out side of her mouth --eats fine, is fat and still active for her age ---- got summer hair cut few months ago and will go to loving home that can give her a forever home --- $20.00 to show you are serious about giving her a new home


My t cup house babies for those that ask how small t cups are


 photos taken 12-4-13----paper towel and shoe shows how small these are ---

* little t cup  8 year old Ginger  is my tiny 3 lb  fawn & white chihuahua

* little 7 year old t cup poodle Bitsie is one of the tinest poodles you will ever find at 2 lb and only 7 inches tall 

* 14 & 1/2 year old Wishbone - black with white chihuahua died suddenly and unexpected from heart failure 12-6-13 just 2 days after taking this photo---had overcome a lot of illness in last 2 years but fought to stay with us and  was active until the end   -- will never forget her as you that have lost pets know and understand only too well


ALSO HAVE MINI HORSES  & DUCKS FOR MY PETS --THIS IS ONE OF OUR NEWBORNS 2014 SUMMER ---SEE HOW SHORT THEY ARE NEXT TO MY HUSBAND  ----- he is actually holding one day old baby in photo----


SUMMER 2014---white mama had gold & white spotted little FEMALE from our tiny red male -- it is 1/2 day old in his photo  



 SUMMER 2014--Sweet little IZZIE and her 1/2 day old baby boy ---chocolate & white spotted mom with gold & white spotted baby -

--strange for two different color moms bred to same red tiny male and have babies that look like twins except for reverse color manes ---both white with gold spots and in same pattern on body  


4-7-16  NEW born --from our little white female SWEETIE ----- a little BOY --- that is red color and so frisky he is running with the herd like he was an older pony at only 2 days old----trying to eat out of feed bucket way too early --- doesn't stay with his mama, runs with older ponies and acts like born grown --- funny little boy



12-20-15-- MY  KOI FISH -- I put them in my 30 ft swimming pool ---photo shows when taking them home

------some of mine are long as 18 inches and big as 2 litter coke bottle in diameter and very beautiful ---- they come to be fed as soon as you approach the water ----I am truly enjoying them -- they are so relaxing to sit and watch --

-YES I do have a real pond in the yard that is large as you can see behind the horses , but these needed a cleaner environment and I would die if they were in the pond where  critters could get them, SO that being said the unused pool was a nice  large place for them

 * BABY DUCKS --- hatched in OCT 2016-----real farm animals here !!