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Puppies come with registration, supplies, shot record, and health guarantee
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My 92 yr old father woke paralyzed  5-30-19 & moved him to live with us and we have many doctor appointments each month as he recovers.  He requires someone be with him at all times. 

I will work with you best I can, but need advance notice to allow someone to sit with daddy.   I AM CURRENTLY NOT OPENING MY OFFICE, BUT WILL BE GLAD TO MEET YOU AT THE INTERSTATE afternoons after 1 pm.  

Please  feel free to call me with any questions you might have and I will be more than glad to discuss each puppy with you .

This year has reminded me God does not promise anyone a tomorrow and to take time to  make memories each day, 

as life can change in a heart beat.  Live as if today is your last , laugh often, and love with all your heart. 

Thank you for your business and I wish each of you a very happy new years  -- Theresa Ashcraft 


CHIHUAHUA - male - WHITE WITH CREAM SPOTS - born 8-2-19--small  --little male - weight 12/15 is 3 & 1/2 lb - shots are completed - very sweet and loving for adult home with no large dogs or  preschool children -he will always be delicate and small size - SALE PRICE LAST OLDER PUPPY--  $483 WITH TAX --

CHIHUAHUAS - 1/19/20 they weened off moms today and will be ready in a week or two -- will post photo when ready to go  

* Male - black and tan short hair-- 1/19 weight 1 & 1/2 lb, fontanel open which usually means adult size around 5 lb or less, ears are up , bite is good -he is too small for preschool age children - $500

* Male - fawn short hair with black nose and dark eyes - 1/19 weight is 1 & 1/2 lb, fontanel open, ears up, bite is good, -he is too small for preschool age children - $500

* Male - white / cream short hair with black nose and dark eyes - 1/19 is 2 lb, ears up, fontanel open, bite is good - slender build, very smooth coat - he is too small for preschool age children -  $500

* Female - white with cream spots Long Hair - SHE IS TOY SIZE / family size -- very plump little girl, apple head with short face, ears not up yet but should come up as she ages - would expect her to mature 6 to 8 lb  when grown - weight 1/19 is 3 lb - she is an only baby and plump made - $642


POODLE - t cup - MALE - born - june 2019 --white, been vet checked, all shots complete, needs special home due to size - does have fragile legs and bones - if you are home with NO KIDS or NO OTHER DOGS then we can talk about this little boy -- call if that fits your home -- $856 


MIN PIN - born 11-7-19 --1/19 took off mom and should be ready to go in a week or two - currently 11 wk old, just very fine bone and tiny made and stayed with mom longer  --- ears are up, tail is docked, dews cut ,- blue is a light grey -   expect to mature under 10 lb - blue mom and chocolate dad are 9 lb, previous litter matured around 7 lb -- will post photo when ready to go 

* MALE - blue and ru
st - 1/19 weight is 2 lb, skin is blue, eyes are light grey - this is NOT the larger size min pin and will be ok with teen age children or adults --- $600

* FEMALE - chocolate and rust -1/19 weight is 1 & 1/2 lb, very small and fragile -- too small for preschool children -this is NOT the larger size min pin and will be ok with teenage children or adults --  $550 


MALE - born 9-1-19-- VERY VERY small and fragile - will need home with NO KIDS OR 

OTHER DOGS -- has completed all shots , weight 1/10 is 3 lb - would expect to mature 

5 lb or less due to age now --been vet checked -CALL IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT HOME --- $856

IN MEMORY OF MY LITTLE BABY GINGER -- died in my arms from heart attack this morning 10/04/19 at 13 yr old -- was active until the end and the pet love of my life -- my shadow, slept with me , ate with me , in my lap 24 / 7 --having a hard time with her loss and will take awhile to recover as those of you that have lost a baby dog know all too well what I am going through -I've cried constantly all day and when I get control of myself, it starts all over again-- very very hard day today - she is the photo in our paper ads and everyone that ever saw her loved her -- rest in peace tonight my baby --- my  heart is aching for you --

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