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Puppies come with registration, supplies, shot record, and health guarantee
                                       SORRY - NO SHIPPING 

updated 7-10-19  ---My 92 yr old dad who is very ill is  living with me now and at doctor daily -

 I DO HAVE PUPPIES That need a home  --- I  WILL ARRANGE TIME TO MEET WITH YOU WHEN YOU ARE READY TO TAKE HOME A PUPPY  -- please CALL 662-560-5152  --- please be patient and will get with you as soon as possible after you ask to meet for a particular puppy  -must have someone stay with him-- thanks Theresa 


MALE - same puppy on blanket and desk --black and tan with white markings -  $482

FEMALE - below -white with black spots -- has cute screw tail curls over back --$482

MALE - 3 yr old --black with white marking--priced without papers as pet --  3 yr old -- $162 

2 puppies left in this litter  1 male and 1 female---- photo of black and tan puppy is same puppy taken in different settings

MALE -- born 3-10-19-- --( PUPPY in close up on blanket and on my desk  )  BLACK   & TAN with white muzzle and strip between eyes  & top of head -- round head  - -- expect to mature small toy, short hair, / rough coat with soft hair -- very small for 11 wk old --photo on desk taken 6/15 @ 13 wk old weight 2 & 3/4 lb, 6 inches tall back to ground and 8 inches tall head to ground and length 8 inches butt to chest bone ---- still very small puppy --- $450 

FEMALE -- born 3-10-19 ---- ( PUPPY IN CENTER OF EACH PHOTO )  --- WHITE WITH BLACK SPOTS  or  PATCHES  --short hair - rough coat  --ears semi up, avg size head, expect to mature toy size, weight 6/15 is 2 & 3/4 lb at 13 wk old  ----- price $450.


MALE -- born 11/30/18 --STILL LOOKS LIKE baby -  HE IS NOT BIG AT ALL -- if continues to stay 5 lb or less  would be considered  t cup size -- white with fawn spots , short hair, short legs, expect to mature around 5 lb or less ---- weight 5/29 is just barely 4 lb --//// he was originally priced 600 and now REDUCED ////// -$450 ---- REDUCED SALE PRICED -----don't miss out on him if you are wanting a small boy -- due to age is easy to tell what he is shaping up to be ------------------no photo posted 


MALE --7-17-18 -  black & tan - LONG HAIR - VERY VERY FRISKY LITTLE BOY -- WANTS TO PLAY AND RUN ABOUT -- small little boy , light build, apple /round head , ears are up ---all shots are completed --- he will be a good choice if you have another dog or kids and want a puppy that is ready to go home and play --- where younger puppies have to grow more before you can turn it down with the family ---IF YOU WANT LONG HAIR  , THEN THIS LITTLE BOY IS FOR YOU-- $350 REDUCED, with papers ------------no photo posted 

MALE --  3 yr old --  -- perfect pets that are older and up to date on shots -- health warranty and supplies, just won't send registration papers with discounted price as that is the right to breed  ---BLACK WITH WHITE MARKINGS - ----7  to 8 lb -- priced as pet --- without breeding rights, but will get warranty  -- -- SALE PRICE , being priced as pet without breeding rights   REDUCED PRICE --$162 including tax 



CHIHUAHUA - MALE long hair - born 7-17-18- black and tan - no photo yet

CHIHUAHUA - MALE t cup born 11-30-18- white with cream spots --no photo yet 

FEMALE - Chocolate and rust -- $482 .

FEMALE --baby      CHOCOLATE AND RUST ---EARS ARE UP - slender face, small body  should average 8 to 12 lb grown -- tails and dews docked --ROWDY little girl that is sure to please any child for a pet--- shots current, supplies, reg, shot record and guarantee --- ready to go now - 450 plus tax = 482. 



TOY POODLE - MALE  -- photo taken 6 mo ago at Christmas --7-10-19 has full coat again and due to shave soon $535 without papers  / $642 with papers 

MALE --born 12/24/17 ---- Christmas eve - 1 yr old male -- cream with apricot ears -- average size toy 8 to 10 lb -- around 1 ft long and 1 ft tall, average size medium toy poodle ---not tiny / not large --shots complete --very sweet , always raised inside ---- a real sweetheart   --$ 500. for pet without papers  ---- with papers will be $600

first photo -- 1 yr old male @ Christmas when had first haircut



FEMALE yorkie - 8 mo old -- $856

FEMALE ---PENNY is a playful, little sweetheart --- 5 mo old baby - very small body, but fat and makes her weigh more than she looks like she should , blue and gold, short legs, shots completed , ears standing, tail docked, ckc registration, ----ok for kids over 6 yr old --is 6 & 1/2 lb  -- expect her to mature around 7 to 8 lb and stay traditional blue and gold  --- $856 with tax 

My t cup house baby

 APPLE HEAD is like the fawn chihuaua -- she is 13 yr old in 2019 and perfect example of VERY apple head 

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